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Sexual Escalation Secrets REVIEW – Is Scam Or The Real Deal?

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Sexual Escalation Secrets Review


Most men are complete idiots. When it’s time for a guy to step up to the plate, make a move, sexually escalate and get physical with a woman, chances are he’ll end up screwing everything up bad… along with his chances with that girl… FOREVER. In that split second, you’re thinking that if you try to kiss her and she pulls away, she might reject you… and ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for… forever.

So the million-dollar question has always been when do you make your move? When and how do you go in for the first kiss? How can you make her comfortable as you’re touching her? What must you do to make her want you to touch her? How are you supposed to move towards sex in a way that is not too “bold” or awkward for both you and her?

For starters, to sharpen your “skill” of sexually escalating with women, you must drill in your head that women enjoy sex just as much as we do they just take a different route towards sex, that’s all.

Understand that you do not need “big moves” or big “strategies” to make it happen… just gradual, subtle, natural ones whilst building rapport & emotional connection that only she can feel for you… and no other.

To smoothly progress with a woman, you must demonstrate that you want her, but that you do not need her… It’s crucial for you to find just the right balance! If you pretend you are not interested whatsoever, she will move on to someone else, or just treat you as a friend. …[more Sexual Escalation Secrets Review here]

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Sexual Escalation Secrets Author/Vendor: Ron Louis & Simon H
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