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MEGADREXPFrank-Tanner Review is a just released program created by Frank Tanner, designed to provide people with information regarding the creation of aquaponic gardens, which allow users to become food self-sufficient. John Chester decided to take a closer look at this new program.

The modern society is thriving and there definitely isn’t any shortage of food, quite the contrary. However, society has grown quite comfortable, and this may lead to complications in the future,” says John Chester. “There is a high probability, that some catastrophic scenario, whether natural or manmade, will eventually happen and food will be hard to come by. This is the reason why was program created in the first place, to prepare people for the worst scenarios and help he society become self-sufficient when it comes to food.

According to the Frank Tanner, creator of this program, is a step by step guide, which contains information on how to combine aquaculture and hydroponics to create an aquaponic garden and become food self-sufficient. The entire process uses plants, which work as a filter to keep the water clean, and fish waste which serves as a fertilizer. Fully functional aquaponic garden can provide food for up to 10 people and cut the food bill by up to 75%.

The main inspiration to create was a water shortage in California, which made any vegetable production almost impossible,” says the author of, Frank Tanner. “Prices of food and not just vegetables, were over the roof. Even worse drought or maybe even much worse scenario than that may happen. People should be prepared, and that was the primary inspiration to create this program.

Official website states that users of the will learn how to build aquaponics and greenhouses, how to find the cheapest and yet quality equipment, how to grow vegetables like tomatoes, radishes, carrots, broccoli and many others and also the perfect combination of soils, seeds and fish to make the aquaponic garden as efficient as possible. Fully functional aquaponic garden can provide up to 200 pounds of vegetables per month and up to 700 pounds of fish a year. This number may, however, vary, depending on the size of the garden. book comes with additional bonuses, which discuss a variety of topics. Preservation of excessive food, way to pick the best vegetable seeds, what kinds of soil are the most effective or how to build a greenhouse for under $50. These bonuses are Container Garden Secrets, DIY Greenhouse Blueprint, Setting Up Survival Seed Bank and Simple Survival Canning.

According to many reviews, this program provides an exciting option for people who would like to become food self-sufficient in case of any catastrophic scenario, or would simply like to cut the grocery bill,” says John Chester. “ also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so users who are not satisfied with the program can ask for a refund anytime within the 60-day period. …[more Review here]

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Guarantee Feature: Complete Money-Back-Guarantee within 60 days

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