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Testosterone: A Man’s Guide REVIEW – Is Scam?

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Testosterone: A Man’s Guide Review


If after all these changes your blood level of total testosterone is not above 400-500 ng/dL and you have symptoms of testosterone deficiency (lack of sex drive, fatigue, lack of mental focus, low tolerance to stress, etc), you may need to talk to your doctor about prescription options to increase your testosterone.

This book explains in clear and practical language the symptoms and treatments of testosterone deficiency to help determine if you are a good candidate for this therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can dramatically boost sex drive and function, strength, energy levels, mood, mental focus, and lean body mass while decreasing fat in men with testosterone deficiency syndrome (hypogonadism). However, it is not a therapy to start without proper knowledge about potential side effects and their management. There are several options for testosterone replacement available by prescription but many men do not know how to decide which is best for them. This book reviews all options from the author’s point of view as an educated patient who has used all available options and has researched the current scientific data. All myths and misconceptions surrounding testosterone are fully explained and resolved.

Nelson Vergel is a chemical engineer who is practicing what scientists can only theorize. He started testosterone replacement therapy in 1993 as a desperate attempt to survive and overcome wasting syndrome.

Testosterone gave him his health back which propelled him to become an expert on its use. After years of trial-and-error and self-empowerment, he is ready to share his knowledge with the world. With the help of his chemical engineering degree, countless of hours in scientific conferences and memberships in several metabolic research and wellness groups, he was been able to digest scientific information on the subject to translate it in layman’s terms for all to benefit.

What Others Have To Say About TESTOSTERONE: A MAN’S GUIDE

“Nelson’s straight-forward and scientific approach to sexual vitality and health restoration makes his new book trustworthy and practical. Someone once told him “Nelson, you were always the kid who did everyone else’s homework for them.” He is still doing our homework for us.” – Tony Adams, journalist Fort Lauderdale.

“Unlike other testosterone book authors, Nelson’s search for health pushed him to try most of the options that he describes in his book that can save a lot of time and trouble for any man that is serious about his health!” – Carlos Barrero MD.Guadalajara, Mexico.

“As a physician who treats testosterone deficient male patients I have found Nelson’s book so informatively and clearly written that I have recommended his book to medical colleagues. Importantly, reading this book has further educated me about testosterone. Finally, it should be pointed out that this book is not inappropriately enthusiastic about testosterone replacement therapy. But rather it very carefully spells out the need for an accurate diagnosis of testosterone deficiency, an analysis of the potential benefits and drawbacks of treatment, and the importance of the proper monitoring of therapy. I hope Nelson’s book gains the wide readership it deserves because of its power to improve the health and quality of all men.” – Paul Bellman, MD New York City. …[more Testosterone: A Man’s Guide Review here]

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