My Super Healthy Chocolate Low Gi Recipes REVIEW – Is Scam?

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My Super Healthy Chocolate Low Gi Recipes Review


Assistance is here for people who have diabetes however who wishes to find a lot of great low GI recipes As everyone likes chocolate then it is just logical to make use of healthy raw chocolate and low GI sweeteners to make terrific tasting chocolate treats.
The Fantastic Truth is that Low GI Chocolate Recipes Can Be Sweet and Decadently Delicious

Are you silently ravaged at having to give up all those delicious chocolate cheesecakes and chocolate mousses you took pleasure in so much. Would you enjoy to consume these tantalizing chocolate treats pictured below?
Now You Can Due to the fact that they are all Low GI Recipes!

These savory chocolate dishes are all sugar-free and low GI. Instead of sugar all my low GI recipes are sweetened with either stevia, maple syrup (fantastic for diabetics) or natural dried fruits.

Did you ever believe that such decadent treats could be sugar-free and low GI?
My natural raw chocolate is:
– Low GI
– Gluten Free
– Dairy products Free
– Vegan

Raw chocolate is actually among the healthiest foods on the planet however we make it into a unhealthy empty shell by all the heat processing and added bad fats, sugar and chemicals. Such a shame and no wonder chocolate is surrounded by so much sense of guilt.


About The Author Pamela Vinten

Super Well balanced meals – Pamela VintenAs a nutritionist it is my passion to produce Super Healthy Meals that are a taste buds pleasure. I think a healthy natural diet is the path to a new lively you. At over 60 I am living evidence of this. When I started consuming a mostly raw diet over 6 years ago my health and vibrancy rose. Yours can too. That’s me on the right glowing with health … The number of times have you gone on a diet or just attempted to eat healthier and failed since you missed out on all those tasty foods you understand are bad for you? Stats show you are not alone. Hunger and starvation trigger most diet plans to fail.

I understood that for diets to work a solution needed to be discovered. After years of study and devotion I have written a series of dish eBooks to give you the answer. My healthy natural desserts, cakes and pieces and chocolate deals with are not only tasty however really healthy. In fact they are so helpful for you that you are doing your body a favor by eating them.

Super Healthy meals are a winner!

With treats like these it will be easy to keep a healthy diet.

As a mommy of five I know how difficult it is to keep the children diet healthy. With my children eBooks that will certainly be easy. The kid checked treats are so scrumptious they will be demolished and have them begging for more. No junk food here!

All my recipes are made with raw, natural active ingredients so are teeming full of nutrients just as nature meant. I do not use prepared, processed or packaged ingredients so no nasties to damaged havoc in your body.

Likewise my recipes are vegan, gluten & dairy products totally free, diabetes friendly and fat burning.

Have a look around the website. Believe me you will be blown away at how appealing all my dishes look especially my extremely healthy natural chocolate. The best news is they taste remarkable.

Because we are all so hoodwinked when it concerns food choices I am composing routine posts to set the record straight. The quantity of false information fed to us through the media and professionals who need to know better is disgraceful, misleading and often paid for by the largest food companies on the planet to improve their earnings. Watch out for my new posts.

Have a look below at all the titles in this Super Well balanced meals series. Because I want to reach as lots of people as possible I have actually made all my eBooks extremely cost effective at only $9.99 each.



1. Pamela Vinten’s fantastic Ebook “20 Super Healthy Favorite Desserts” will supercharge your sweet delights for family, celebrations or just to indulge yourself. The very best thing about these desserts is they are good for you !! Pamela gives the raw food area a proficiency which makes her not just an expert in this area however an imaginative genius. You will certainly discover delightful dishes in Pamela’s book that you can not imagine, and you will certainly not have to feel guilty making or consuming them. Joan Small, Author, Poet, Web designer. Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.

2. These dishes are absolutely remarkable! Full of healthy, nutritious options for whenever I am yearning a delicious treat! I feed them to my friends and am always dissatisfied that they eat all my leftovers! I highly suggest these books both since they are a healthy alternative and due to the fact that they are a delicious option! Rebecca Nibaldi, Senior citizen Consultant, Melbourne, Australia.

3. I was quite amazed with how scrumptious these desserts are. Likewise, they are not tough to make. Most important for me, it’s all utilizing healthy active ingredients. Great photos too and caters for any age groups tastes. Bruce Meyer, Northern Rivers, NSW. …[more My Super Healthy Chocolate Low Gi Recipes Review here]

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